Friday, January 28, 2011

Diego's Risky Rescue Week

The challenge for this spot was to evoke 1970's action suspense television shows like The Bionic Man. I ran the music and VO tracks through a low pass filter and also put a little distortion, delay and verb on the VO to try to give it some of that 70's retro sound. Maybe I should have run the whole mix to a cassette deck on low speed but who has time for that when you have plug-ins.

As far as the FX – after a variety of experiments with metal rulers sped up, slowed down, tweaked out with ring-modulators and delays, I ended up with just throwing some metallic transients into a delay and using MIDI faders to play with the knobs. Some of the SFX were just products of the feedback.

Here's the SFX only split for your listening pleasure.

And here's a sample of me creating the sounds, in all its knob-twisting glory.

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