Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bag Of Bones Behind The Scenes

This behind the scenes interview with Pierce Brosnan is particularly funny when he talks about shooting 3 sex scenes in one day. You can practically hear him thinking – "jealous much?" Oh Pierce.

Apparently this scene will be playing in theaters across the country. I really pushed the dynamic range more than I normally would for TV. Although not as much as an actual film since I figure they're going to be playing it while people are finding their seats and talking to each other. But hopefully the big hits and the bass will get their attention. I hope I can find out when it's airing and check it out.

Oh and if you can't tell, that's me making the labored breathing sounds at the top and the end. I'll add the FX only version later for you fanboys out there. Come on, I know you're out there.

To be honest, I had tried to be a lot more subtle with some of the sound FX but they kept saying more more more. And what Johnny wants – Johnny gets.

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